Episode #8 Vaccines

With flu season, or really any season, comes the never ending spew of stupidity from anti-vaxxers. With this in mind, we thought why not take the time to understand the science behind why the measles haven’t wiped us out. Throughout this episode, we cover the basics and benefits of vaccines while also de-bunking some myths and clarifying some misconceptions.

As promised, we attached video footage of anti-vaxxers doing anti-vaxxer things, which speaks for itself. We also found these absurd articles, which are probably fake, but are also 100% shared by anti-vaxxers on FB in solidarity with their stupid movement.

Protest in NJ Courtroom

14-Year Old Virgin Becomes Pregnant After Flu Shot (sounds about right)

Son Becomes Gay After Flu Shot (what’s with this damn flu shot?!)


History of Vaccines

How Vaccines Work

MMR Linked to Developmental Regression Article

CDC: Mumps Outbreak

Rockland Measles Outbreak

Vaccinations in Cuba

WHO Monitoring of Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Arizona's Cancellation of Vaccine Education Program