Episode #5 HIV/AIDS

Happy friendiversary to us, we celebrated by being 100 miles apart and testing our new system for this episode by recording our podcast from two different cities. Seems like it worked, and it’s probably going to be the way we continue to record the episodes since we’re not living by each other for the next year or so.

We wanted to keep the episode short and simple since it was a sort of trial, so we went with discussing HIV/AIDS. We also saw it as a sort of follow up for our past episodes since we had mentioned HIV/AIDS, but never got to go any deeper than the mere existence of it.

We learned a lot, as we usually do. And now that we’re starting to get the hang of things, I think you’ll find us working to create some (hopefully) interesting episodes.


What are HIV & AIDS?

Antiretroviral Therapy

Patient Zero 

Stages of HIV Infection



This link can help with locating prEP and free condoms along with places that do HIV testing!