Episode #10 Abortion

2 updates before we jump into this episode’s blog:

  • It’s our one year podcastiversary!!

  • We have two TOTAL degrees now, which means 4 more to go!

Alright, so enough celebrating because shit has officially hit the fan. We’re not officially pre-Giliad, but things are looking particularly rough for women at the moment. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or have some online presence, you’ve probably heard the word “abortion” pop up once or twice. And as much as we wish the headline said, “Abortions Have Now Been Ruled Nobody Else’s Business”, white men still think they can govern our uteruses (uteri). If you’re down for a diatribe/legislative breakdown/conversation of all things related to the recent news surrounding abortions including a touch of the scientific, then this episode is for you. If there is one thing we hope you take away from this episode, it’s this: Restricting/banning abortions doesn’t make abortions go away, it just makes them unsafe, and puts women’s lives at risk.


Texas Ban on Cities Partnering With Planned Parenthood

Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri “Heartbeat” Bills

Overview of Abortion Laws

CDC Statistics on Abortions

Worldwide Rate of Unsafe Abortions

Worldwide Legality of Abortions

Abortion Access in Texas

Finding an abortion in Texas: